Marital & Family


Helping Couples and Families Live Happier and Healthier Lives

Our Mental Health Professionals apply research-based techniques to help you develop more effective habits. Whether you are a couple or a family with children, it is common to have relationship difficulties, and it is even to be expected at times. Our goal is to work with you, selecting appropriate approaches for psychotherapy, to help you build more positive relationships by discovering what works best given your experience and relationship history.

Marital Therapy

At Lassiter and Associates, we would like to help you reduce conflict, increase trust and improve intimacy, although we first assist you by identifying what is important for each of you, taking into account your past experiences and current significant life style circumstances. Our goal is to help you move from distress to recovery with a deeper bonding through a more secure functional relationship. The therapist works with both individuals to identify the issues that have contributed to considering therapy and then assists you to establish effective communication and interactive strategies to promote mutual satisfaction and understanding. While remaining neutral and non-judgmental, your therapist will meet with you as individuals and then prepare for joint sessions as the necessary relationship skill sets are developed to help you as a couple grow together into a satisfying and productive future.

Family Therapy

The dynamics of parenting and the needs of children in the family can often be overwhelming. We offer an array of therapeutic interventions tailored to each client’s needs and particularly offer these services in the framework of understanding the importance and variety of emotional development for each family member; the powerful effects of how children learn to bond/attach to parents and what can happen over generations when that goes wrong. Strategies to identify problem parenting patterns and how to replace them with healing, empowering alternatives.

Specifically for children are a variety of treatment modalities including evidence-based and dynamic interventions, play therapies for those of nursery and elementary ages (for abuse/abandonment events); individual and/or groups that focus on problem-solving strategies for older children that reinforces their capacity to manage emotional traumas, develop new skills for conflict resolution (family and community related), relationship building and reality testing.

We particularly specialize in working with children who are acutely or historically struggling with traumatic events (including physical and sexual abuse), dysfunctional family conditions and displacement crises (such as sudden relocations, homelessness, CPS interventions). Our treatment modalities range from trauma-focused CBT and dialectical behavioral strategies (DBT) to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) for children and adolescents with severe ongoing reactivity (PTSD).

Initially, the process of therapy begins with an assessment to clarify the type and severity of the problems and to establish a treatment strategy based on that assessment. Then parents, children and all other significant others and providers are informed and invited to collaborate in an integrated therapeutic plan.