Lassiter and Associates Launches Low-Cost Alternative Mental Health Services Program

In response to a continuing need for mental health services and increasing difficulty in finding affordable insurance coverage, Lassiter and Associates has created a sliding scale program for patients who have no insurance or high deductibles which may prohibit them from seeking assistance. The Low-Cost Alternative program is being offered based on therapist availability at Lassiter and Associates’ Virginia Beach and Suffolk locations.

The program covers individual therapy with fees ranging from $25-$50 per session based on income. Services cover children through the elderly for a wide range of treatment concerns such as marriage and family, alcohol and substance abuse, geriatric adjustments, and early child behaviors. The sliding scale program will also cover group therapy, including the Women’s Issues Group in the Suffolk office and Women’s Substance Abuse, Substance Abuse, and Anger Management in both offices. Anticipated patients will include those without insurance because the deductibles have made it impossible to pay or for those who have no coverage. Military personnel and their families may also seek the low-cost alternative due to high deductibles or a desire for confidentiality.

“Given today’s uncertain insurance climate, we strongly feel that insurance companies should not determine who needs mental health care and what their treatment plan should look like,” said James F. Lassiter, Ph. D., ABPP, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Lassiter & Associates. “Money shouldn’t stop a person from living the best quality life they can and receiving the mental health support that could assure it.”

To learn more, call 757-228-5635 during office hours, between 9:00 a.m. and 7 p.m. weekdays or Saturdays 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

About Lassiter and Associates

Lassiter and Associates Psychological Services has been providing quality mental health care to the Hampton Roads community since 2005. With 24 hours a day, 7 days a week accessibility, Lassiter and Associates serves patients in two offices: 4560 South Blvd., Suite 300, in Virginia Beach and 114 North Main Street, Suite 102, in Suffolk. The practice offers an array of therapeutic interventions tailored to each client’s needs and specializes in family therapy, individual psychological and neuropsychological evaluations and therapies, trauma, crisis intervention for domestic violence and abuse, psycho-educational parenting, substance abuse assessment and treatment, and specific mental health specialty programs for ADHD and children with autism. For more information, please visit the website:

A Professional Mission: Reducing the Debilitating Effects of Environmental Stressors

It has been well documented (ACE, 2016) that adverse environmental conditions have severe and lasting effects on a person’s intellectual, emotional, psychological, as well as physical (healthy) development. A chief indicator is academic and/or occupational performance and frequently the ability to focus, attend and concentrate evidences significant negative environmental reactivity (impulsivity, processing and retrieval of information interference):

That is, when a child (or adult) is constantly operating in “stress mode”, their physiological system is flooded with excessive stress-based hormones: for example cortisol, adrenalin, norepinephrine; these occur when the human system has experienced a trauma (or ongoing/repetitive levels of trauma) and is in the fight, flight or freeze mode. Such physiological preparation, however, effects neurological functions and eventually warps cortical development and functioning.

The result is often learning impairments, emotional immaturity and impulse problems; in turn these can often mask as behavior disorders (e.g. conduct and open defiance), mood dysregulation (e.g. depression/anger) and various types of anxieties (separation, attachment disorders, hyperactivity). Probably always present, but not accurately diagnosed, ADHD (ADD) is prevalent among children who are exposed to stressful living conditions and can be the result of neurological changes and/or emotional responses to the negative conditions and deprecating feed-back from others (parents, teachers, other authority figures—police officers).

Often children (and adults) who are not performing well, are aware of it, regardless of how they may present (as compensatory disinterest or defensive hostility), and so damage to their self-esteem, motivation and desire to succeed all negatively interact with subpar cognitive functioning, even though base intelligence may often be stable, they will not perform to the best to their ability.

And so the cycle is set:

Adverse (Trauma-Ridden) Living Environments >
Impaired Brain Development (excessive stress hormones) >
Impaired Learning Capacity (ADHD/LD/ED/OHI) >
Compromised Functional Capacity for Later Performance >
Poor Occupational Readiness and Missed Opportunities >
Retention in Adverse Living Environment

Because of the current increase in frequency and intensity of these stressors, Lassiter and Associates has taken, as one of our commitments to the Hampton Roads community, Our Mission to provide the best, comprehensive care, including accurate and research informed clinical assessments combined with the most up-to- date evidenced-based therapeutic interventions for the recuperation and rebuilding of our clients’ emotional stamina and resilience.